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Optimize Your Trusted Network for Personal & Professional Growth

AI-powered discovery, analysis, and enrichment of your trusted network

What is Eikon?

Eikon by WholeSoft Market™ is an AI-powered discovery, analysis and enrichment platform,
dedicated to smartly enhancing networks of trusted contacts that will facilitate the achievement of
business and personal objectives of users.

Eikon is divided into 2 modules: Eikon Free and Eikon Premium.

By Invitation Only

Eikon Free

See your network with new lenses

  • Isolate your core network of connections.

  • Assess the value of your network of contacts as it really is.

  • Get unique views on where and how to optimize your network.

  • Build the springboard for smart enrichment via Eikon Premium.


  • Discover the core network of who invited you!

With Eikon Premium, open up a much bigger world of opportunities 

Eikon Premium

Leverage and enrich your most trusted network.
In an AI-smart way


Discover your Extended Trusted Network

Get immediate value by getting visibility on your strong extended network of contacts and identify 100% actionable paths to super valuable introductions.

Enrich your Trusted Network in an
AI-Smart Way

Get recommendations that help enrich your network, to achieve concrete business & personal objectives.

Eikon will help you all along your life and career. 

Monitor your Network with actionable indicators

Monitor your networking capabilities and identify actionable levers that will make it a true business weapon.

Be thoughtful and targeted when growing your network of contacts. 

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