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Optimize Your Trusted Network for Personal & Professional Growth

AI-powered discovery, analysis, and enrichment of your trusted network

What is Eikon?

Eikon by WholeSoft Market™ is an AI-powered discovery, analysis and enrichment platform,
dedicated to smartly enhance networks of trusted contacts that will facilitate the achievement of
business and personal objectives of users.

Eikon is divided into 2 modules: Eikon Free and Eikon Premium.

(By Invitation Only)

Eikon Free

See your network with new lenses

  • Isolate your core network of strong connections. The only ones that matter. 

  • Assess the value of your network of contacts as it really is.

  • Get unique views on where and how to optimize your network.

  • Build the springboard for smart enrichment via Eikon Premium.

With Eikon Premium, open up a much bigger world of opportunities 

Eikon Premium

Leverage and enrich your most trusted network.
In an AI-smart way


Discover your Extended Trusted Network

Get immediate value by getting visibility on your strong connections’ strong connections and identify trusted paths to super valuable introductions.

Enrich your Trusted Network in an
AI-Smart Way

Get recommendations that help enrich your network, to achieve concrete business & personal objectives. 

Monitor your Network with actionable indicators

Monitor your network and identify actionable levers that will make it a true business weapon. 

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