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What We Do

We disrupt sales engagement for early-to-late-stage enterprise software vendors.

We facilitate B2B software buying and selling around the globe by building and maintaining an exclusive network of enterprise software vendors, buyers, and partners. Hosted on a SaaS platform, we make sure that vendors showcase their products in the best light to the right buyers, introduced to products that meet their exact needs.

How it works


Step 1 - Source Innovative B2B Software Vendors

We source and onboard innovative enterprise software vendors who are already successful in their home markets, and are looking to expand and grow globally.


Step 2 - Match B2B Software Products with Buyers in Our Potential Network

Our algorithms and network of industry-leading partners match buyers with vendors.


Step 3 - Arrange Meetings Between Vendor and Interested Buyers

We enable vendors to skip the time and cost of the whole prospect search /MQL/SQL steps by directly arranging actual meeting between the qualified matched parties.


Step 4 - Facilitate Transactions and Boost Renewal Rates

We assist vendors every step of the way in the first few transactions, and provide an environment dedicated to feedback on value, to boost chances of continued business.

Our Platform

We bring software vendors, software buyers, and partners together under a single connected platform to facilitate buying and selling of enterprise software products with minimal barriers. Designed and built by experts in B2B software sales cycles, the platform helps software vendors and buyers to quickly assess product fit and business interest, and to accelerate time-to-value on both sides.


How the platform works for you

Reduce frictions whether you are buying or selling B2B software globally.


Software Vendors

 Showcase your differentiators
to large local and foreign enterprises and drastically improve your
revenue & margin


Software Buyers

Access the best software in the world curated by your peers and industry experts



Our exclusive selection of partners accelerate the number of valuable connections in this global market

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