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An Exclusive Network of Partners

WholeSoft Market is creating an exclusive network of partners, to help connect

the Best software products in the World with the Best Companies™.

System integrators, consulting firms, and referral partners, all have a role to play in improving the B2B Software market efficiency.

Generate a supplementary stream of revenue by supporting innovative B2B software locally

WholeSoft Market welcomes local partners who can help innovative software vendors, train, deploy and implement solutions at local customers. It is in the best interest of ISVs to find good, reliable partners, on which they can count to grow a stream of service revenue, while making sure Customer Satisfaction is at its height.

Establish a continuous

income source by doing what you love

WholeSoft Market provides an easy way for seasoned executives to establish a new, significant, and sustaining source of income by simply talking to people you know and enjoy. Whether you currently occupy a senior independent consultant role, an executive position or are a recently retired C-Level person, we want to reward your network. More than others.


Grow your reputation by being a leading innovator

By leveraging your extensive network of high-level contacts and deep domain knowledge, you will be the catalyst for introducing the most innovative software into the largest enterprises in the world.  We will introduce to you carefully selected innovative software from all around the world.

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