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Our Approach

Success starts with the right foot forward

Every new software vendor is onboarded via

our Go-to-Market Analysis (GSA) Framework,

a no-cost benefit for joining our exclusive platform.


Guided by our most experienced experts for your specific target market, the GSA

Framework realigns your products’ most powerful differentiators with the market you

are targeting, delivering repeatable success.


Go-to-market strategy

analysis framework


Internal Assessment

Business Model | Sales Enablement Materials | Differentiator Analysis & Prioritization | Use Cases | Case Studies | Pricing | ROI


External Factors Assessment

Competitor Websites | Competitor Go-to-Market Analysis | Analysts Reports | Media & Press


Positioning & Market Realignment

Prioritize Target Market | Define Minimal Viable Target | Realign Positioning & Unique Selling Propositions | Renew Value Proposition | Repackage Pitch Deck & Demo | Rehearse & Refine


Market-Based Refinement

Real-life Presentation to Target Audience | Continuous Refinement Based on Outcomes

What clients are saying

For zero up-front cost, WholeSoft Market performed a thorough assessment of my go-to-market strategy, and helped me reposition and package a complex B2B software product so I could quickly cut through the huge marketing noise in the competitive US market. They did not miss a single detail, and I enjoyed the process very much. A couple of weeks later, I had my first meeting. Perfectly qualified.

Michel Guez

CEO & Founder, Smartesting, France 

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