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The best software products curated by your peers & industry experts

Find, evaluate, and buy with ease from a collection of innovative software products from around the globe.


Accelerate your sourcing of innovation by getting access to dozens of hand-picked innovative B2B software products


Confidently and efficiently purchase from vetted overseas software vendors


Get the assurance your C-SAT is on top of your vendors' agenda. It's a commitment.


Uncut gems

Good innovative B2B software products are like gems - valuable but not easy to find. They need to be cut, polished and then they need buyers.


We use our extensive B2B software network in foreign markets like France, Germany, and the UK, and deep expertise in software buyers' needs and processes in markets like the US to source and match the best products with buyers like you.

Nowadays, buying a B2B software is a hard, tedious, non-linear process. WholeSoft alleviates a lot of hurdles for the software buyers. 

What you get with WholeSoft


Fund the charity of your choice

WholeSoft Market is committed to donating 10% of its revenue generated from software sales initiated on the platform to charities of your choice.


Easy access to Worldwide innovative software products

We make it easy for you to discover software products that you will not find anywhere else. With the latest technologies, it doesn’t make sense to be only domestically centered nowadays. Don’t miss great opportunities.


Stop wasting time to market value with sub-optimal processes

We assist you and vendors to optimize the sale / purchase processes, so as to stop wasting time to market.


Focus on your satisfaction

Our WholeSoft Market C-SAT Framework ensures that you get the most out the software product you’ve purchased and that the vendor delivers 100% on its commitments.

Where innovative software

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