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What we do

We remove the frictions that prevent buying and selling software across borders with our deep knowledge of software sales, our knowledge of the territories, our extensive network of local contacts and our technology-driven platform.

Gems don't find themselves

Good B2B software products are like gems - valuable

but not easy to find. Also, they need buyers.


We use our extensive B2B software experience and deep expertise in software buyers' needs and processes to identify and present best B2B software products in markets like France and Germany to perfectly appropriate buyers in markets like the United States.

How it works

Eliminate borders whether you are buying or selling B2B software in foreign markets.

Software Vendors

Sell to large foreign enterprises quickly and drastically improve your revenue & margin with confidence.

Software Buyers

The best software in the world curated by your peers and industry experts.


Our exclusive selection of partners accelerate the number of valuable connections in this global market.


Digital global commerce is our MO. Giving back is our responsibility.

10% of our revenue is donated to charity.

The value we generate for the B2B software industry is built on the latest technology and emerging business models.  As much as we are driven to building value via a new approach to selling software, we are equally committed to giving back by dedicating a portion of our revenue to philanthropy, steered by the Software Buyers in our network.

What clients are saying

Entering the US market was unthinkable due to cost and cultural barriers, as well as lack of personal network until WholeSoft Market gave me the confidence and presented my B2B software product in the right light.  Now, with no required or needed investment, I am confident that the US market will expand my annual revenue by more than 20% in the next 12 months.

Michel Guez

CEO & Founder, Smartesting, France 


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