WSM Eikon - Terms of Use

Eikon by WholeSoft Market is a network analysis & optimization platform, dedicated to offering a service to actively enrich networks of contacts with meaningful connections that will facilitate the achievement of business and personal objectives of Users.  

WSM Eikon is divided into two modules: Eikon free and Eikon Premium.

What are Eikon’s objectives?

In its free version, Eikon will enable you to analyze your own network of connections through unique business-oriented lenses and put the focus on getting more insight on your more meaningful connections.

In its premium (paid) version, Eikon will enable the User to analyze his/her own extended network, with the objective to enrich it in an intelligent way.

Data collection

WholeSoft enables the user to personally collect its personal data from several sources, either publicly available or personally detained. The User warrants WholeSoft Market that all its collected data is personal and that he/she doesn’t infringe any Third Party rights in collecting that personal data.

Privacy Rules

As a prerequisite to providing Users with insightful views, Eikon collects directly from the User additional information regarding the User’s connections. That raw information is for the eyes of the User only and won’t be shown to or shared with anyone else. Eikon Free is specifically designed to providing the User only with insight onto those details.

In Eikon Premium, the User will show a reduced level of details, and only to, either connections that he/she would have invited to Eikon Free, or connections who are already members of Eikon Premium AND who have accepted reciprocity with the USER, with respect to visibility onto each other’s contacts.  

Trust & Reciprocity

Trust and Reciprocity are at the heart of WSM Eikon. It is only to the people the User trusts the most, that he/she wants to give visibility to his/her network. For reciprocity purposes, the User will see the same level of details regarding their own connections. The same applies if it is an existing member of Eikon who invites the User to Eikon Free, and the User accepts the invitation. They’ll see each other’s network should they both join Eikon Premium.

Ability to block visibility on some of your connections

As far of the collection of information is concerned for Eikon, the User will have the possibility to block people from his/her network, so that no one will see that person in his/her network. For reciprocity reasons, the User won’t be able to see that person’s network in Eikon Premium, and that person won’t be able to see the User’s network either.


As part of enriching your network in WSM Eikon Premium, the User may want to request a cooptation from one of his/her existing connections. If it is accepted, the User agrees to provide the same visibility to the newly coopted person as if that person was connected to the User in Eikon Premium, with reciprocal visibility. No one else will see that particular connection.

Eikon for enterprise

Eikon Premium is offered to enterprises : ie – Multiple individuals from the same organization.

If a registered individual leaves his Company, it is either the Company that needs to cancel or reassign the corresponding seat, or to the User to indicate that he’s left his previous Company and possibly joined a new one. In all cases, if the User wants to keep Eikon Premium, he’ll need to be reassigned within a month to a new WSM Eikon account.

Duration of Service

Unless WholeSoft Market is unable to provide its service, there is no time limit to benefit from Eikon Free. As far as Eikon Premium and Eikon Enterprise, the Services continues until the User terminates (see Termination) and the User has accepted the up-to-date Terms of Services for the next period of subscription.

Fees & billing

Fees for the entire subscription period are immediately payable in advance at the time the invoice is issued. Payment will be made through our Stripe supplier.

WholeSoft Market SAS reserves the right to change the fee, effective as of the following period of renewal. WholeSoft Market SAS shall notify the User of any fee change in the invoice sent to the Company for the given renewal period. In the event of a price increase, the User is entitled to submit to WholeSoft Market within one month of the date of invoice a written declaration of withdrawal from the agreement with retroactive effect from the date of the renewal.

Not using Eikon Premium or Eikon Enterprise during the contract period does not entitle the User or the Company to claim a reimbursement, price reduction or extension of term beyond the end of the subscription period.


Eikon Premium and Eikon Enterprise services can be terminated at any time with a one-month notice period. Every commenced period of subscription is due for the remaining number of days. If the User or the Company terminates a paid-in-advance subscription, there will be no reimbursement of advance payments.

After termination of Eikon Premium or Enterprise service, the User will still have free access to Eikon Free, but he/she will lose all its invitations to Eikon previously done. The termination will impact the reciprocal visibility the User’s or Company’s invited connections previously had on the User’s or Users’ network in Eikon Premium. The User’s connections will see their own extended network cut up from the User’s piece.

At any point in time, a User can request terminating Eikon Free. His/her data will then be erased from the WholeSoft Market database.

Obligations of the Parties

The service is provided by WholeSoft Market SAS on a digital platform, called WSM Eikon. Access to the Service is provided without service level agreement or obligations. WholeSoft Market will make its best efforts to render the service accessible as well as in compliance with specifications and to correct any Anomaly in the Service as soon as practicable.

WholeSoft Market is expressly allowed to use any subcontractor of its choice to develop, support and maintain the Service. WholeSoft Market warrants that any subcontractor chosen in relation to the User’s service will adhere to Article “Confidential Information” and to WholeSoft Market Data privacy Policy.

The User warrants WholeSoft Market against any claim regarding the collection and use of their individual personal data.

The User agrees to pay pay all due sums to WholeSoft Market.


In the event of intent or gross negligence, the Parties shall be held liable for any and all damage caused in connection with rendering the contractual services.

In the event of slight negligence, the Parties shall be held liable without limitation for injury to life, body or health.

Otherwise the Parties shall only be liable if there is a breach of a cardinal obligation under this agreement. The concept of cardinal obligation refers abstractly to such obligations, which, when fulfilled, make it possible for the contract to be properly carried out. The other party to the agreement can rely on the fact that these on the fact that these obligations are complied with. In such cases, liability is limited to typical and foreseeable damage.

If the Parties’ liability is excluded or limited based on the aforementioned provisions, this shall also apply to the Parties’ vicarious agents.

Neither party is liable to the other party for non-compliance with contractual obligations if the non-compliance is due to circumstances beyond the party’s control. This applies in particular to cases of force majeure.

Acceptation and modification of Eikon Terms of Services

The terms of Services are provided to the User for reading prior to signing up. The User accepts the Terms of Service by clicking on the appropriate check box when signing up. The User’s acceptance date is noted. WholeSoft Market reserves the right to change the Terms of Service at any moment, by notifying it in writing to the User. The User must tacitly accept the modified Terms of Service in order to continue using the Service after the current subscription period. If the User does not accept the modified Terms of Service, the User will have to stop using the Service at the end of the subscription service.

WholeSoft Market is aligned on GDPR. You can see its Data & Privacy policy                   .